“The gift of being a medium is that you’re able to communicate with departed loved ones,” says Alisha Killebrew. “For some people I understand that it touches on an area of our existence that is difficult to comprehend. Remember that the definition of faith according to Hebrews 11:1, is ‘the substance of things to be hoped for and the evidence of things that appear not.’”

Alisha expounds further on that timeless biblical passage: “Throughout the ages the great saints and sages of all religions have spoken of the universal truth and spiritual laws governing our lives, including the eternal nature of our souls.”

Also known as a clairvoyant and channel, Alisha came to her calling at the age of 17 when her grandmother unexpectedly passed away and within days of her passing, her spirit appeared to Alisha. “Before this happened, I simply thought that once someone dies, they were nothing more than a dead body—as if the lights were out. I discovered that the lights were anything but out,” she says.

Many could interpret this as simply a vivid dream, but for Alisha it was reality; or more specifically a glimpse of reality.  “My grandmother literally climbed into my bed and hugged me and it frightened the hell out of me,” she recalls. “But it awakened me to a glimpse of the eternal truth and it set the course for the rest of my life.”

Having been profoundly affected by this moment in her life, she faced two options: telling the world or creating a life of scholarship. She chose the latter and devoted the next dozen years to educating herself about the world of spirituality and the eternal truth through countless volumes of books, innumerable classes and teachers all over the world.  When she reached her early 30s, Alisha started working as a consultant and spiritual adviser giving personal readings to a wide range of people all over the globe.  She has spent many years working privately for world renowned artist Hiro Yamagata as well as many celebrity clients.

In 1997, Alisha was chosen by Sri Kaleshwar an enlightened saint from India to work, serve and study with him, which she continued with until his untimely passing in 2012.

It was the combination of her gifts and the happenstance of one night watching the news at home in 2011 that led Alisha to appear on the Bravo television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She watched the shocking report of series star Taylor Armstrong’s husband’s suicide and like much of the nation was captivated as the story unfolded.   “I saw how distraught Taylor was and like anyone I see in distress, I prayed for her,” says Alisha.

The following night before she fell asleep was the first of five nights where Taylor’s husband (Russell Armstrong) appeared to Alisha and explained to her the details of the reasons behind his suicide. The entire world was asking why he would commit suicide and speculating it may have been something to do with being on a reality television series, which turned out to be far from the truth.” Through the proverbial “six degrees of separation,” Alisha was put in contact with Taylor Armstrong.

“We initially spoke over the phone several times and I told her everything that was ‘shown’ to me in my communications with Russell and she confirmed that the private information, previously only known to her, was completely accurate.

“It was terrifying dealing with Russell. The violence in his soul was deeply disturbing but to be able to be of service and give Taylor comfort and closure was deeply fulfilling. It is, after all, my life’s purpose and I am forever grateful for Gods’ grace,” notes Alisha.

A native of Los Angeles, Alisha currently reides in Santa Monica, Calif.

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