"I found that Alisha is a wonderful channel of higher level universal intelligence and wisdom deployed into everyday affairs as well as life vision!"

-- Jay Levin, Founder of L.A. Weekly Newspaper


“The gift of being a medium is that you’re able to communicate with departed loved ones,” says Alisha Killebrew. “For some people I understand that it touches on an area of our existence that is difficult to comprehend. Remember that the definition of faith according to Hebrews 11:1, is ‘the substance of things to be hoped for and the evidence of things that appear not.’”

Alisha expounds further on that timeless biblical passage: “Throughout the ages the great saints and sages of all religions have spoken of the universal truth and spiritual laws governing our lives, including the eternal nature of our souls.”

Also known as a clairvoyant and channel, Alisha came to her calling at the age of 17 when her grandmother unexpectedly passed away and within days of her passing, her spirit appeared to Alisha. “Before this happened, I simply thought that once someone dies, they were nothing more than a dead body—as if the lights were out. I discovered that the lights were anything but out,” she says....


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Sharing the Truth of our Oneness of being with pure spirit, and Gods' love. Also that life and love are eternal. And that we can receive help from above, and connect with our loved ones, angels and saints even after they have departed the body temple. Amen.

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